Chev (sircheverificus) wrote in tank_talk,

Yet another update... sorry y'all

I wanted to thank everyone who commented on my last post with suggestions, recommendations, and overall comments.

After school today, I drove over to Petco (I don't care if you're one of those people who are trying to boycott that place; don't bother converting me, it won't work) and I bought an AquaClear Power Filter 200gph for a 50 gallon aquarium. I hung it on the front of the tank so I have both filters running (I'd really hate to take down the other one right now because it has "beneficial bacteria" even though some of you said that all of that is probably dead). Right now it's noisy for some reason, but I'm sure that will pass after a while. It's been a couple years since I got my other one so I don't remember if that one was noisy at first or not.

Anywho, drifting slightly off topic. I also took as many fish as I could grab out of my 29 and put them into my 10 gallon. Sadly, that was only one zebra danio and two pristella tetras. I really don't feel like fighting with my fish today so I think I'll leave the rest alone before I send them into a panic attack because of the "Godawfl net" (OH MY GOD!) Heh. Hopefully that will help my tank water clean out some. As soon as I turned it on (right now, I have the circulation on that filter on high), all sorts of stuff was being pulled from the rocks and whatnot and into the filter. I mean, if things that were THAT LOOSE weren't being pulled up by the other filter, that slightly worries me.

Anyways, quick question that hopefully no one will have to type a lot for (I feel bad about taking everyone's time with all my silly questions! But here's another one). How many water changes is too much? A lot of you were recommending doing more frequent water changes for the rotten egg smell, and I did a water change yesterday, so how often is TOO often so I don't end up killing off my fish because I'm trying to get my water CLEANER?

Sorry for all these annoying posts! If any of you are sick of it, just tell me to shut up and I'll leave all you guys alone :-P

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