Chev (sircheverificus) wrote in tank_talk,

My New Aquarium!

Alrighty, I think I deserve a break. Well, my pocket too! Goodness!
Heh. It was to the point to where if my mom asked me how much I spent
at Caesars, I'd say "Let's not get into that topic..." Haha. Lets go
down the list, shall we?

  • 29 Gallon Aquarium Kit with tax: $102.00 at Walmart.

  • Iron Aquarium Stand with tax: $39.19

  • Aquatic plants w/o tax: $19.96

  • About 15lbs of Flourite: $25.99

  • 50lbs Natural Gravel: $22.50

  • Power GloFlow bulb: $21.99

  • CO2: $38.99

  • Medium Driftwood: $13.99

  • More aquatic plants: $3.99

  • Floating thermometer: $2.99

  • Argent Cycle: $13.99

  • Bowl Rock: $48.00

  • Tax on above items: 16.99

                        Total: $370.57

Ouch. Worst part is: The iron aquarium stand is wobbly. You know what
that means? I may have to drain most of the water out of my 29 and get
an oak stand instead. Somewhat good news? My gecko tank is also 30"x12
1/2" which means that if his last ownet does confirm that the stand is
originally made for a full-sized, water-filled aquarium, I'll switch
it, so I won't have to go through the hassle of returning the iron
stand and getting a new oak one in place of it for an extra $40
(really, the hassle of it all isn't worth the 40 bucks). So, anywho,
here's what it all looks like! (for the time being)

Here's the tank on the stand before I filled it up. I got creative with
saving space in my room by placing my 10 gallon tank on the bottom
shelf. Now I just need to keep a close eye on my cats! My youngest one
was going crazy when she finally saw my fish at eye-level. It kinda
scared me haha.

Here's the filter it came with. It's an Aqua Tech made for 20-40
gallons. It seems kinda complicated to me how it works but I'm sure
I'll catch on soon enough.

Here's the innerds of it:

Alright, I finally got the hood and everything on there! I'm glad it all fits alright!

Here's my measely 10 gallon tank. It looks so tiny!

Alrighty, after about an hour of cleaning the substrate and spraying
off the rocks, I finally got them in there! Of course, I don't have the
driftwood in there yet because I have to soak it, but it'll go right in
the middleish. It'd be awesome.

I just started filling it up with water and I put the plants in where I
wanted them before the water got too deep. So far, the placement of the
plants actually looks really awesome!

There we go! Now I got it all filled up and I got the CO2 generator
hooked on there! Now I just hope I got it hooked on there correctly.
*crosses fingers*

I personally think it looks pretty awesome even though it's frightfully
cloudy in there. The guy at my LFS said that it should clear up in
about 8 hours. Even if it doesn't, I'm not too worried about it cuz I
know it will eventually.

Well, I hope all y'all enjoyed the little slideshow! This is going
to be fun draining the water back out of that thing... Gah. And no, I
didn't get the Python because I didn't feel like spending $50 for it,
which is what Petco had it for. Eek. I'll order it online or something
for cheaper and then hopefully I get it here before I decide to change
the water out. Heh. I'm really not looking forward to about 18 trips
back and forth from my bathroom with jugs of water again.

Comments? Questions? Concerns?

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