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Tank Talk

The Community for Aquarium Enthusiasts and Fish Fanciers

Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Tank Talk is a community for those keeping tropical, coldwater and marine aquarium fish tanks. Feel free to post pictures of your fish or aquascapes, or just chat with other members.

Tank Talk Rules & Ettiquette:
1.) Be courteous and polite. Debate is welcome, arguments and flaming is not.
2.) Please at least try to use proper English spelling and grammar. The occassional abbreviation or l337speak is okay, messages full of them are not.
3.) LJ-Cut is your friend. If you're posting something especially long or large like images, please LJ Cut them. In a similar vein, please use HTML tags when posting long URLS. Having your friends page stretched out or slow loading is never fun. Not everybody will have broadband internet or the same screen resolution as you might, so please be considerate.
4.) Keep quiz results or memegens ~on topic~. If your quiz is fish related, then you can post it here, but again refer to rule three and LJ-Cut it.