suehypno (suehypno) wrote in tank_talk,

Finding a fish/aquarium club near you!

Folks have been asking about clubs in their areas, so I'm posting here to offer ideas on how to find them. They're a lot of fun, you can learn a lot, and you can participate in some very great auctions that feature fish, plants, food, and equipment.

First thing to do is check out the listings here at Wikipedia.

Next I recommend going to your local book store (the bigger the better) and picking up a copy of Tropical Fish Hobbiest. In the back are pages of club listings and events!

You can also try doing a Google search on fish/aquarium clubs.

If you're in the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia region, please visit the <ahref="">Potomac Valley Aquarium Society</a> for more information on our monthly meetings (next one is this coming Monday night). We're also having our big Spring All-Day Auction this April 15th!
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