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New additions

Alrighty you guys! Something different- a fish update! YAY!

So, I've been wanting to re-do my 29 gallon tank for quite a while and I FINALLY figured out what I want- 3 Congo Tetras, 2 Albino Congo Tetras, and kinda go from there. Today I bought 7 Rosey Tetras (yeah, I had never heard of them nor seen them until today and they were just beautiful so I had to snag a school of them) and 1 Apistogramma Borelli. Don't worry, I got pics. Obviously, that's why I'm making this post. Here they are:

^^Rosey Tetras and one of my Cories in the background.

^Rosey Tetras with my Flying Fox. Gosh I love that little dude!

^29 setup. Not much to look at, I know. I'm looking for a new light fixture so I can get actual nice-looking plants and then I just need to get my CO2 working again. I'm looking at's "Single Satellite Compact Flourescent Fixture" which is on sale right now for $63.99. The bulb it comes with is a Dual phosphor SmartPaq 10,000K daylight 460 nanometric actinic light, so I'd need to put in $42 for a new light that has about 6,500K so my plants can grow. At least that's what my LFS guy said. Let me know if you agree or disagree. It also has a moon white lunar light. Yay!

Ok, moving along...

^1 of 2 Pearl Danios. I lost the majority of my stock about 2-3 months ago due to a fungus infestation. Those lost included 2 Madagascar Rainbows, 1 Pearl Danio, 2 Zebra Danios (not my babies! My last one just recently passed but it was about time for her to go), and my Farlowella Catfish. Man, that was my expensive fish, too! Bummer! I think that's all I lost but it sucked. So that's why I'm looking to re-do my tank.

^Rosey Tetra

^Flying Fox. I should name him because he's just so darn awesome!

^Apistogramma Borelli. Ain't he just a cutie?! I'm not usually a fan of cichlids but he's just a precious little dude so I had to get him.

^There's my new dude again.

Comments? Questions? Concerns?

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