Like trying to be friends with an evil snail (artemis_rain) wrote in tank_talk,
Like trying to be friends with an evil snail

Pictus catfish needs a home

Hi, everyone! This is an announcement for anyone who lives in the area of Victoria, BC, Canada.

I recently picked up a small pictus catfish at the pet store, and I don't think I can keep him. He's very active and is disturbing my more peaceful fish. My aquarium is a little too small for everyone.

The pictus cat is a slightly aggressive fish which can grow up to 6 inches. He may eat very small fish. Once he reaches full size, he can eat fish up to 2 inches. However, he's very valuable to have in an aquarium, because he acts as a janitor, keeping the tank clean and eating all the leftover scraps of food on the bottom. He's a bright, beautiful silvery colour with black markings.

So, if anyone in the Victoria area has a larger aquarium with more active, agressive fish in it, and would like a pictus cat, please contact me by email at

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