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Easy Keepers

I finally got my 29 gallon stand! I'm so stoked. So, anyways, tomorrow I am tearing down my 29 gallon and my 10 gallon (which is resting on the bottom of my current 29 gallon stand) and putting in the 29 g stand and putting my 10 gallon tank out in the living room. Now for the reason of this post...

At the beginning of December, I am enlisting into the US Army and will leave at the end of the summer (delayed entry- I have school still), and while I'm gone, my mom will be taking care of my fish. Now this is about a 4 year term, may be longer. Because my 10 gallon tank will again be up on display instead of hiding out, I'm going to get a couple of small schools with real nice, pretty, easy fish.

Here are my ideas:
-White Cloud Minnows
-Gold Cloud Minnows
-Cherry Barbs
-Neon Tetras (I'm actually rather worried about the tetra disease they get pretty easily)
-Cardinal Tetras

I really adore the minnows and my LFS has a ginormous school of them combined and they seem to school rather tight with each other. What of those do you think is pretty hardy that will do well with Pygmy Gouramis (I have 2 of those in my 10 right now)?

Like I stated before, I need them to be hardy and I want peaceful schooling fish. Any thoughts?

Also, here's an update on my 29 gallon:
2 Julii Corydoras Catfish
2 Corydoras Catfish of an unknown species
4 Zebra Danios
1 Leopard Danio
3 Pristella Tetras
4 Pearl Danios (What can I say? I'm attached)
1 Flying Fox
1 Rainbow Shark
2 Madagascar Rainbow Fish

Seems like a lot of fish but there's actually a lot of swimming room for them all.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!
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