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Fish update

Alright, so the "rotten egg" smell mystery has been solved. I went to my LFS telling them I was ready to give up, tear my tank down, return the fish, and end it all! They pinpointed the problem immediately: it was the CO2 generator. There was bad yeast or whatever in the CO2 (hence why it hadn't worked yet) and that was causing the incredibly discusting smell. So, now my room smells like normal again and I love it. Although, I have yet to be able to get the smell out of the CO2 canister itself. I've soaked it in vinegar-water over night already but it didn't get rid of the smell. Any suggestions? Do you think maybe I should soak it again?

Alright, and I finally got some updated pictures of the tank and my fish. Care to view?

29-gallon tank

newest Zebra Danio- you can see his orange coloration on his tail and
his fins. I had another one of his kind that I got from my LFS, but I
have no idea what happened to him. My guess is that he jumped out but I
have yet to find the body :-/

Here's one of my females:

My other female:

Here's a blurry picture of my male- you can see the permanent tear in
his tail which was caused by my Serpae Tetras about 6 months back (or
longer, I don't know).

Here's the cory I have in my 29. The other ones have a temporary home
in my 10 gallon tank. I'm trying to bring my 29 in slowly. You can also
see one of the many caves I have in there behind him.

Now for my plants (I have no idea what any of them are except for the microsword! I forgot to write them all down):

Another picture of my cory in my 29:

Here's my big bunch of microsword:

And my whole setup. As you can see, I haven't put the CO2 generator back into the tank yet.

Now for my 10 gallon tank.

Here's my two corycats browsing for food together:

My three Pristella Tetras:

Here's my clown pleco- I don't see much of him and he never comes out.
It's rather depressing. It makes me start to wonder if he even eats any
of the algae cuz it certainly doesn't look like it. I think moving him
into my 29 would be a better suite for him since there's more places to

The only kind of plant I have in my 10 except for a little bit of microsword here and there:

And my shrimp- I got two but I don't know what happened to the other
one :-/ That one vanished as well. Maybe my other danio and him escaped
together heh. I durno.

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