Chev (sircheverificus) wrote in tank_talk,

Does it smell in here, or is it just me?

Few questions reguarding scents around the aquarium. Ready?

1. What causes a "rotten egg" type scent?
2. How can I get rid of it?
3. What can I do to prevent it?

I realized yesterday one cause for it: my filters were discusting BEYOND discusting, so I brought them over to the bathtub and washed the cartridges real well, but the scent is still there. I also took my 10 gallon filter apart and cleaned that one out, too. Does anyone have any ideas why it's still there and how I can rid of it? It's rather discusting.

Anywho, yesterday I went to my LFS again (bad bad me!) and I got that clown pleco I adored and brought in my old pleco. I got 3 bucks for him. I feel almost ripped off because they're selling him back out for 9, but they gotta make their money somehow, right? I also bought 3 cories to pick up after my messy fish because they spill food EVERYWHERE! Along with that, I bought 2 algae eating shrimp which I put in my 10 gallon, along with my new pleco, since there's more algae in there for the time being. Right now, those guys are the only ones in there. All my other fish are already transported into my 29. Oh yeah, and I finally got a clam, which I have been waiting for my LFS to have to a long time. Those are some absolutely amazing creatures! So incredible.

Anyways, today is going to consist of searching for filter elements for my Aquatech filter, whether I have to order them online in bulk or not, since I noticed Walmart, the place I got my whole kit from, only has ONE of the cartridges, not both, so I don't know where I'm going to be able to get the other section of it. Gah. Why do they have to make things so difficult? I'm hoping will have it. *crosses fingers* I also need to go and buy a bunch of the sponge pieces for my 10 gallon AquaClear filter since those also dirty insanely quick and I already have other pieces right now.

Oh yeah, another question. Do you think if I put carbon back into my 10 gallon filter if that will help remove the smell? Maybe it's something caused by not having carbon in there to do a more thorough filtration in my tank? I durno, I'm just throwing ideas out there....

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