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Jimbo the Jack Russell...The Dog with the 'Napoleon Complex' by Trisha Adams -

Jimbo the Jack Russell...The Dog with the 'Napoleon Complex'
 by: Trisha Adams
I didn't like Jimbo much when we first brought him home.

At the time, we had an old Dauchsand named Frank that was so easy going, so easy to take care of. Frank needed no supervision. He just didn't have any inclination to push the envelope in any way. And this is what we were used to. We had no idea what we were in for. Nor did poor old Frank... or our poor old cat Peter.

But talk about cute. This Jack Russell puppy was the epitome of adorableness. But what a little arrogant brat he could be!

Peter was very protective of his dignity and enjoyed his daily walk across the yard to his own private latrine area. Needless to say, things would never be the same for Peter. His dignity and suave stride was quickly converted to panic and a terrorized sprint as Jimbo, who lay in scheming but patient wait, knowing full well Peter's daily routine, sprung from cover and ran that poor cat up the nearest tree.

I'll never forget the look on Peter's face as he glared at the little tyrant skip away in glee. And, after a few deep swallows and recovering his now damaged pride, Peter slowly and gracefully climbed down, swearing his certain and eternal hatred for Jimbo every downward step of the way.

And I wish I could tell you that relationship improved over time...but the only thing that improved is that Peter got his claws into Jimbo enough times to keep him at bay... most of the time anyway.

Now Frank was a bit of a different story. Jimbo idolized Frank, and Frank was like a doting grandfather to Jimbo, a little too doting I always thought. For instance, they would service each other with flea-biting sessions. Well, I say each other, but it was mainly Jimbo that was serviced. He would clench Frank's foot between his sharp puppy teeth while Frank would commence with flea-biting. If, however, Frank wanted to stop, Jimbo would bear down on his foot. And poor old Frank could not stop until Jimbo released him! So you can see why I had a hard time liking this dog.

But Frank adored Jimbo, and Jimbo followed Frank everywhere he went. The two were inseparable although Frank's sweet disposition never quite wore-off on Jimbo. He has remained the dynamo tornado even up to the present.

Frank and Peter have long since died and Jimbo is our only pet... who is now nine years old. You wouldn't know it though.

That's one of the amazing things about Jack Russells, they neither look old or act old. He, who is a short legged Russell, will still challenge any dog, no matter the size or stance. He will still chase every cat, rabbit or squirrel no matter the time of day, and chase them with extraordinary youthful lightning speed.

As for me? I fell completely in love with him, even though it took some time to get to know him. While he does, and always will I suppose, be predisposed to what is rightly named the 'Napoleon Complex', this Little General, in all his lasting arrogance, has won my heart and admiration as being the most unique and endearing personalities I've ever known.

Trisha Adams
Jack Russell Terrier Pics & Tics

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